Thank you for designing like you give a damn. - Jan 16th 2015

(audited financial data from 2009-2013 below)

We just heard the news via the media that Architecture for Humanity*, the organization we started more than 15 years ago, has pivoted its mission and is planning to close. We are deeply saddened by this.

Our hearts are with the staff and chapter members who worked so hard to build a wonderful organization that did so much for communities around the world. We made so many wonderful friends and will continue personally to support your work.

We ran the organization and grew it from just a small circle of volunteers to an international organization with chapters in 25 countries. For more than 10 years, together we led the movement to bring social design where it is needed most. We built award-winning buildings, ran innovative programs, personally raised more than $5 million in annual funding, year in and year out, and established more than five community design centers that set the standard for rebuilding after disaster.

We hope the profession will continue to design like a give damn--in whatever form that takes... And we urge the chapters to continue their much needed work.

Thank you,
Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr
Co-founders, Architecture for Humanity

January 16, 2015. 1pm

*This refers to ONLY the US entity of Architecture for Humanity. Architecture for Humanity UK and other international entities are independent, established, financially stable, registered locally charities. As such, they are operationally unaffected by this news and AFH UK is excited to celebrate 10 years operations in 2015. Statement: UK board of trustees

Since leaving AFH the organization removed its' IRS filings from its' website, Please find audited financials from 2006-2013 here.

June 2012 - June 2013 

Jan 2012 - June 2012 (6 Months)




Charity Navigator Independent Review 2009-2013

nb. 2013 filing was submitted post departure of founders and the audit for FYE 2014 (July 2013 - July 2014) has not been published.